Blossom – a series

Blossom – a series

In a blogpost from a couple of days ago, I shared some of my favorite photos that I have taken from the sky, this summer. Apart from capturing cotton candy pink skies and pastel rainbows, I also really like to focus on the photography of flowers; especially during spring and summertime. In this blogpost I will therefore be sharing some flower photography. I hope you like these photos!

A wall flower in the the streets of Amsterdam, most houses have roses on the sides of the door; so pretty!


The Vondelpark is one of my favorite places to be when in Amsterdam, the flowers and other plants don’t disappoint either!

This next photo is slightly unrelated to the others, though there are some flowers to be seen and therefore I think it qualifies for this blogpost as well ;). This was a delicious dessert I had a few weeks ago; chocolate sorbet with forest fruit gels and flower toppings.

This second to last photo was taken on my terrace, right after I heard that I graduated high school. If you look closely, you can find a piece of New York cheesecake and a glass of Champagne underneath the blossoming plant!

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I have written about this before, but the Rijksmuseum garden is a must visit when in the city. The garden plants/flowers change regularly and there is always something blossoming and catching your attention (or the one of the bee, in this photo 🙂 ).


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  • Prachtig weer Sophie! Hopelijk kun je deze week weer mooie plaatjes schieten op Fuerteventura! Hele goede reis en fijne tijd! 🍀🤞🏻♥️♥️☀️🍹🏖

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