Poem: a day in July

Poem: a day in July

I collect our lives in my dreams,

Dreams rosy, lucid, memorable.

We lie together under a roof of leaves,

Leafs so bright and green,

I use my hand as a shield,

From the glistering light.

My head rests on your stomach,

I can feel the warm of the sun, 

Reflecting the gold of my curls,

Lightning up your eyes,

In the shade of summer blue, even further.

The beat of your heart guides me.

In my dreams, these afternoons in the park,

Last a lifetime, like I wish they could too,

In the world we get to live through. 

At this point time has lost its relevance,

Each moment with you, one well-spent.

The earth keeps on spinning, until we finally,

Hold each other under the roof of stars,

Somehow you are all I need, to repair my scars.

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